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4 Interesting Things You Can Do With Your iPad!

4 Interesting Things You Can Do With Your iPad!

Although Apple’s iPads have been around in the market since 2010, there are still some cool features of this innovative gadget that remain unknown to most of the users. Here are 4 of such interesting and exciting things you can do with your iPad:


1.     Screen mirroring- When you need your Mac screen while on the go, it is easy to now mirror display and stream content from your Mac to your iPad using apps like AirPlay and Duet Display.


2.     Enhanced web search- Did you know that you can now search for a word or phrase on a website while using your iPad just like the desktop or laptop? Simply click on the URL bar of the website when opened in Safari and type in the word you wish to search for. In the drop down menu you would notice a header ‘On This Page’ under which your word would appear. Tap on it to find the word on the website.


3.     Battery percentage- Sometimes having the battery percentage helps a lot when you are planning a day out without the charger. You can set it by navigating to Settings à Usage à Battery Percentage.


4.     Turn on ‘Find My iPad’- This feature is immensely popular and useful if your iPad ever gets lost or stolen. To activate this feature on your iPad, go to Settings à iCloud à Find My iPad. It allows you to easily locate your iPad wherever it is.


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2 years ago

3D Displays for Next Generation Tablets

3D Displays for Next Generation Tablets

Apple’s iPads arrived five years ago changing the way we think about computing. Then, there took the seismic shift from keyboard and mouse to manipulation with our fingers. We are so used to touch screen these days that we expect to be able to interact with and change the content of any screen with the prod of a finger. Today’s data still represents a 3D visual environment through a 2D flat screen. Comprehending the interfaces rely on our visual sense than our sense of touch. The next-gen displays will be able to deform themselves into other shapes. They can change themselves into other shapes offering better visibility of the on-screen content and providing other means to pass on information. Displays with pixels that protrude from the surface allowing developers to enhance their capabilities by rendering computer generated 3-D scenes in the three dimensional framework. This will make computing more tangible and accessible to those with disabilities.


iPad changed our habit from pressing button to pressing with fingers. Modern displays will be physically dynamic re-configuring themselves in order to better represent information to the user and offer a rich tactile experience. But, until the 3-D displays hit the market, exploit the extensive features of Apple’s iPads to the fullest. Go for iPad 3 hire in London or the latest versions of Apple’s iPads at an attractive price from the tablet rental companies in London. Get short term and long-term hire as per your needs.